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The Absolute Best Travel Photography Gear and Camera Accessories

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What type of travel photographer are you? Do you pack your iPhone and charger into your purse and call it good, or are you on the other end of the spectrum, with a heavy bag full of lenses and tripods for those just-in-case photo opportunities that always seem to present themselves when you’re not prepared with all the essential travel photography gear. Our travel photography gear list is for every type of traveler and includes our top camera accessory picks from the past year.

Below you’ll find stylish camera bags, rugged portable hard drives, and an awesome hands-free camera clip that is perfect for hiking. All of our favorite travel photography gear items make fabulous gifts for travel photographers, bloggers, and camera-wielding adventurers. We’re not including cameras or lenses in this post because that’s a whole different ball game that we’re not quite ready to tackle.

Awesome Travel Photography Gear for Everyone

The perfect travel photography gear set-up is an illusion. I think I have it down, and then I embark on a road trip, and realize that I need to keep tweaking my system to make things easier to find, easier to use, and my photos easier to edit. It's always a work in progress, but after five years of traveling with my camera gear, I think I've got a pretty decent system in place.

Best Camera Bags for Travelers

We’ve come across some awesome camera bags this year. A few we have been lucky enough to add to our travel photography kit, and others we’ve added to our wish list. Here are our top picks for the best camera bags for travelers.

Best Camera Accessories for Travel

Now, onto the little things. We like to keep it fairly simple when we travel, but there are a few things we never leave home without. Here are some of our favorite camera accessories for travel, hiking, and road trips.

While I wouldn’t consider myself much of a shopper in my everyday life, I love finding the perfect travel photography gear for my outdoor adventures. Having the right equipment makes it much easier to get outside with my camera, and when it comes down to it, that’s what really matters.

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Do you have any favorite camera gear that you can’t live without? Do tell – I’d love to know what I’m missing!

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