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Rustic Cabin Camping on a Vermont Farm

Cabin Camping in Vermont

First piece of advice — never trust the weather in Vermont, especially in the spring and fall. A spring camping trip can be sweet and sunny, or it can be a lesson in perseverance, as you suffer through rain, fog, and often snow.

The whimsical  weather is an awesome reason to choose cabin camping in Vermont during the spring, fall, and winter, and that’s exactly what my husband, Eric, and I did in May, when we were feeling the camping vibes, but not jiving with the big, fat raindrops that were threatening to consume us. We headed north to Enosburg Falls on a Friday afternoon for a weekend adventure. The fierce rain made it hard to drive, and also made us wonder why the heck we were going camping.

Enosburg Falls, VT

We eased onto the dirt driveway at Stony Pond Farm just as the clouds were breaking up and the sun was going down. Tyler, the Stony Pond farmer, came out to greet us and give us directions to our cabin. We chatted a bit, but the sun was sinking fast, and Tyler had to be up at 4 am the next day for the Burlington Farmers’ Market. Eric hopped back in the car to follow the winding driveway into the woods, and I meandered along on foot with my camera.

Stony Pond Farm

Mountain Cabin is nestled on the side of a forested hillside, away from the hustle and bustle of the farm. Our first views of our retreat were promising, and we were super psyched to catch the sunset as we unpacked our car. We weren’t sure what to expect as far as amenities go, so we brought all of our camping gear just in case. Turns out, all we really needed was food. Mountain Cabin came fully stocked with sheets on the bed, dishes, cookware, and firewood. And were were pleasantly surprised by a sink with running water, a stove, a fridge, and electricity.

Cabin Camping in Vermont

Cabin Camping in Vermont

Cabin Camping Vermont
Cabin Camping Vermont

So, is this really camping?

Call it what you will, but we’ll just say it’s an awesome and secluded cabin in the woods of northern Vermont. It’s the perfect romantic rendezvous spot —  probably less exciting for a pack of friends, unless you all want to share the king-sized bed in the loft. There is a twin-sized futon downstairs, so a third wheel (or a child) isn’t entirely out of the question.

Cabin Camping Vermont

We settled in pretty quickly, and once the rain stopped, we opened the windows and let the tree frogs serenade us as we cooked up our camp grub.

Tip: Mountain Cabin is on an organic meat and dairy farm. Be sure to pop over to the barn to pick up some steaks or burgers for your dining pleasure. You can thank me later.

Cabin Camping Vermont

Hipcamp Cabin Camping Vermont

We dedicated the next couple of hours to music, outdoor shenanigans, and late night snacking. The stars came out to say hello and we found magic on the mountainside — everything we loved about camping with the promise of four sturdy walls and a roof to keep us cozy.

Stony Pond Farm

Cabin Camping Vermont

Exploring Stony Pond Farm

We gave up on the idea of watching the sunrise pretty quickly, but we did enjoy a primo cup of coffee outside the cabin before setting off to explore the farm. Stony Pond Farm sits on almost 300 acres of land with incredible views of the surrounding Green Mountains. There’s a pond on-site for swimming (too cold for us), trails for meandering, and a whole heap of farm animals to hang out with.

Cabin Camping Vermont

We met a few sweet cows in the field —

Cabin Camping Stony Pond Farm

The cutest calves we’ve ever seen —

Stony Pond Farm

And some goofy farm dogs —

Cabin Camping Vermont

Cabin Camping Vermont

Mountain Cabin at Stony Pond Farm is a pretty magical escape from the rat race, but just in case you drink your fill of mountain views, adorable farm animals, and woodland hikes, you’re only 15 minutes from the bustling little city of St. Albans and Lake Champlain, and just 35 minutes from the Canadian border.

So next time you feel those camping vibes coming on, embrace whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way and indulge in a Vermont cabin camping adventure.  You can reserve this sweet Mountain  Cabin through Hipcamp. You won’t regret it for a second.

Disclaimer: As a Hipcamp Field Scout, I received complimentary lodging at Stony Pond Farm’s Mountain Cabin, but my opinions are entirely my own. 

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  1. I still have to get to Vermont, but this cozy homey vibe is what I envision.
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  2. Carol Colborn

    Camping is fun but we haven’t done cabin camping but RV camping. We love having our own bedroom with us!

    • Carol,
      We’ve never RVed, but are seriously considering it in the near future. I actually love making camp, except when it rains. Then I want a bed I can just fall into. Thanks for visiting!

  3. amazing landscapes!

  4. You asked “is it camping?” May be the better way of camping in a calm area like the pictures show. I think about that

  5. Jo

    A rustic cabin in the woods- Damn! That’s all I need. This looks sooo perfect. I can just imagine enjoying in lap of nature in this charming cabin.
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  6. I would so stay there. We love to stay in cabins away from it all. This looks great walk right out your door and go hiking!

  7. I loved Vermont but I didn’t do any camping and I regret that now. Time to go back me thinks…. Great post 🙂

  8. This looks like a great place to stay. I really want to visit Vermont, this has only furthered my desire!

  9. I haven’t been to Vermont yet. It looks like a very nice and cozy camping cabin site. This has been noted. Thanks for the article 🙂
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  10. This looks like a really wonderful place.
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