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Friday Postcards: From Germany with Love

This summer my husband and my kids embarked on a three-week trip to Germany. I thought about asking one (or all) of them to write a few blog posts for me about their experience, but that’s just not their thing. Instead, I give you a short interview I did with my 13 year-old son, Gabe, about his experiences across the pond (he’s a man of few words, but many pictures…). 

All the pictures in this post were taken by my kids. I like to think they took them just for me. Thanks guys!

A visit to Germany from the perspective of a 13 year-old

What was your favorite experience in Germany?

Swimming in the awesome public pool in Backnang.

What was so awesome about it?

There were huge waterslides, diving boards, a high dive, and a wave pool area.

Did you go to any big cities?

We went to Berlin, Leipzig, and Stuttgart.

A young teen's thoughts on his summer trip to Germany.


Gabe's Germany

Do you have a favorite? Why?

I like Berlin because there were so many people out and about and they all seemed really happy. Also, the graffiti was really cool. It was everywhere. Stuttgart was fun because we went to a music festival. It rained when we were in Leipzig.

The cities in Germany have some pretty awesome graffiti.

Graffiti in Germany

Gabe's Germany

Was it hard not knowing the language?

Yes, when we went into a shop it was really hard to buy stuff. Usually we just held out all of our bills and coins and the shopkeepers would point to the ones they wanted. You just had to trust people.

What are some of the differences you noticed about between Germany and America?

All the light switches were opposite of America — you pushed them down to turn them on and up to turn them off. Most doors you have to pull open instead of push, and there aren’t as many dogs. Also, people don’t spend as much time on their cell phones, and nobody drinks water, just seltzer, which they call “water with gas.”

What about the food?

It didn’t really seem “German.” There was a lot of American food like burgers, steak, and potatoes. Some places had pizza. There was also a lot of Turkish food and Italian Bistros. I did get to have pork tenderloin with wine sauce, red cabbage, and potato dumplings when we were in Berlin.

German Food


How was breakfast?

Awesome! It was always a good selection of rolls, jam, butter, honey, a plate of meat, a board of cheese, bottles of juice and seltzer, and cut up fruit.


What do you wish you had done more of?

I would like to visit more castle ruins, tour all the awesome public pools of Germany, and go to more German restaurants.

Love these awesome ruins


Is there anything you did too much of?

Yeah, the group tours of churches — lots and lots of churches.

Gabe's Germany

Gabe's Germany

Did you enjoy your flight?

The flight to London was okay, but on the flight back to the US, it was awesome! We had a built-in remote on the seat with a TV remote and call button on one side and a gaming remote and a keyboard on the other side. We could chat with other passengers on the airplane. There was a huge selection of movies like the third Hobbit and the second Avengers, and the food was amazing. We had pretzels and ranch dressing for a snack, seafood salad with mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner, and for dessert we had chocolate cake topped with peach jam and whipped cream.

So the big takeaways here for me were that this kid just has to be fed well to be happy. He’s into swimming, eating, and hanging out with his family. The fact that he got to do those things in Germany was just icing on the cake.

I am linking up with Walking on Travels today as part of the Friday Postcard Series  and with Photo Friday at Pierced Wonderings.

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  1. First of all, these photos are beautiful! It sounds like you had a really great time on the trip and it was really fun to read about. 🙂 I may have to visit…
    Cassie recently posted…20 Free Things to do to Make You HappyMy Profile

  2. That is amazing! It looks like it is straight from a fairy tale. It makes me want to go even more

  3. This was a neat perspective, I enjoyed reading it through your child’s perspective. It makes other countries seem less different, when it really comes down to they like good food and having fun.
    – Kaitlyn |

  4. Owh I really love these pictures… they look amazing…the places look almost as if I’m dreaming!
    Erika Agostino recently posted…International $40 Paypal Cash Group GiveawayMy Profile

  5. This was such an interesting read. I didn’t know that here in Australia our light switches are different to America but the same as Germany. The photos your kids took are great. I especially like the shot with the water in front of the buildings and the ruins.

    • Thank you. I loved learning the little details too. The adults have never mentioned something so simple as the difference in light switches, but I thought it was cool.

  6. It’s great to read what Gabe thought about the trip, especially about not knowing the language and having to trust people. Looked like you had a great trip!

  7. Jen

    What a clever idea for a post! I can just hear that last bit with him saying that there were too many churches lol! Perhaps I spend too much time with teenagers, but I cold picture it exactly. Your children took some amazing photos!

    Thank you so much for joining us for Photo Friday! I love that you have found us and that you are so enthusiastic about participating! We have a great community that is growing around our photography, sharing and supporting each other. I’m so glad to have you join us!
    Jen recently posted…Photo Friday – Lake MarsMy Profile

    • Jen,
      Finding your link-up was like Christmas for me yesterday. I couldn’t do anything but look at everyone’s spectacular photos. I’m a beginner when it comes to taking pictures, and there was so much creative inspiration on your link-up. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Very nice read! My favorite question was the one about the German and American differences. Less dogs and people looking at cell phones. Interesting!
    Ruth – Tanama Tales recently posted…Fossil Falls: A Surprise on the Eastern SierraMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping in, Ruth. Their perspective was really interesting, and they noticed things I wouldn’t have.

  9. Fun to read your trip log. I’ve just left Germany after 5 years, so it was interesting to see the perspectives of the kids.

  10. This is such a cool post! I’ve not been to Germany yet but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. I love that shot of the little river in-between the houses and the photos of the ruins are amazing. Lovely post and thank you for the lovely comments too! – Tasha
    Natasha recently posted…Holding Onto that Summer FeelingMy Profile

  11. I loved reading about your trip from your children’s perspectives. And they took great photos! I’m of German heritage so a trip to Germany is on my list of places to visit, eventually.

    I’m really interested to learn what airline carrier you flew on back to the US. The flight sounds amazing.
    Tonya recently posted…The Centerburg Historical Mural in PhotosMy Profile

    • Hi Tonya,
      Thanks for stopping by. I am a huge fan of your blog! They flew on British Airways and had lot of good things to say about that part of the trip. We got a British Airways credit card six months before the trip and saved up miles to make it more affordable.

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