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13 Road Trip Essentials for Outdoor Families

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Hey, fellow road trippers! Time to prepare for another season of open windows, impromptu picnics, roadside attractions, and curated Spotify playlists. As you can imagine, road trip season is an institution around here, and we’ve got a whole lot of adventures planned for our tiny car this year.

Before we start gallivanting around Vermont in our tiny car, I wanted to share some of our favorite road trip essentials with you — products that have made our lives easier and more fun on the road less traveled. 

Road Trip Essentials for Outdoor Families

These road trip essentials make awesome gifts for families who love to travel and love the outdoors. Here they are, in no particular order.

Road Trip Essentials for Eating and Drinking While Traveling

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to prepare your own road trip food. While this might seem daunting at first, it actually provides a lot of flexibility.

If you have kids, you’re probably well aware of what happens when the little monsters aren’t fed on time. Keeping food and drink on hand allows you to hit the back roads, hike that secret trail, and keep everyone happy. And there's nothing quite like a road trip picnic to get everyone in the groove.

Here’s what we’re loving right now for eating and drinking on the road.

Road Trip Essentials for Staying Connected While Traveling 

When it comes to technology and travel, I feel like I’m always behind. The more I travel, though, the more I realize that I have to get with the times, especially since I’m doing more and more work on the road.

In addition to my usual bag of tricks — cameras, laptops, tablets, and chargers, here are three new additions to our trunk-based office:

Road Trip Essentials for Fun and Relaxation

’ve become a bit of an expert at mixing work and pleasure on road trips. These fun additions make impromptu picnics, games, and shenanigans easy like Sunday morning…

Health and Beauty Essentials for Road Trips

For looking and feeling good on the road and in the woods – these are our favorite health and beauty finds for travel.

So, there you have it, our favorite road trip essentials for summer adventures. Now bring on the sunshine back-road explorations!

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