Cut Your Own

National Forest Christmas tree

Did you know that for just $5, you can buy a Christmas tree permit online, and then you can choose and cut down your own Christmas tree in your National Forest?

Obtaining your Christmas Tree permit from the National Forest Service is easier than it's ever been! All you have to do is head over to and search for 'tree permit' and the name of your local national forest.

Step 1: Get a Permit

There are a few basic guidelines you have to follow for finding and cutting your perfect Christmas tree. Bring a saw, your permit, and some rope. 

Step 2: Visit your national forest

Attach your Christmas tree cutting permit to harvested tree before placing in vehicle. Celebrate your find with a hot drink from your thermos.

Step 3: Cut Down your tree

Wear layers. Cut from a sunny clearing for the fullest tree. Let your kids choose the tree! Bring hot chocolate.

Tips for cutting your wild tree

Get Your National Forest Christmas Tree!

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