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10 essentials for hiking

Once you get into the habit of packing the 10 essentials for hiking, it becomes second nature, and you’ll have important supplies at the ready during your trail-based adventures.

Pack a map and compass or download a reliable GPS app on your phone that is suitable for use offline (don’t forget a power bank to charge your phone).


Check to make sure your headlamp is fully charged before a hike. Biolite 200 headlamps are rechargeable, bright, and lightweight.


Sunglasses, sunblock, and SPF lip balm should live in your daypack so you never forget them. A wide brimmed hat will keep the sun off your face. 

Sun protection

The basics include bandages and gauze, Benadryl, insect repellent, and medications. Store in a small Ziplock bag or get a premade hiking first aid kit.

First Aid supplies

 A simple pocket knife is useful for many things, including first aid and gear repair.


A lighter and some tinder don’t take up much room and can be a lifesaver when you need extra warmth.

Fire Starter

One of those mylar emergency blankets will keep you warm when you need it most. These are lighweight, cheap, and incredibly useful.


 Pack snacks for your hike and then a bit extra for emergencies. Granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit are great snacks.

Extra food

Bring what you need for your hike, and then extra for emergencies. A half-liter for every hour of hiking is standard.

Extra water

Pack a waterproof layer and an insulating layer, plus an extra pair of socks. 

Extra clothing

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