The complete guide to

canoeing and Kayaking with dogs

Every dog must have its day, and for many dogs that means exploring ponds, lakes, and rivers while paddling with their favorite humans.  

Before you even think about paddling with your dog, you should spend some time introducing them to the exciting world of lakes and rivers.

Tips for canoeing and Kayaking with dogs

- Borrow dog friends who love the water to show your dog the ropes. - Hike along shallow ponds and streams. - Throw a ball or toy into the shallows. - Go swimming and hope your dog follows. 

Teach your dog to love swimming

Canoe or Kayak?

Kayaks are easy for one person to handle and perfect for small and medium dog.

Canoes are larger and more stable for two paddlers, can fit a lot of gear and large dogs. 

- A life jacket for you and your dog - A dry bag for your gear - Treats, bones, and toys - An old towel - First aid kit for dogs (and for you)

Special Gear

- Make frequent stops - Start in shallow, placid water - Keep a bowl and fresh water on hand - Keep your dog in the widest part of the boat - Don't leash your dog in the boat

tips for success

Read our complete guide to canoeing and kayaking with dogs.

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