Plan the perfect

backyard glamping staycation

Looking for a perfect escape without leaving home?  A unique slumber party idea for the kiddos? Give backyard glamping a try!

What you need to get started

A Tent!



- Camp stove - Folding table - Waterproof tablecloth - Camping dishes - Fire pit or Solo Stove

Your glamping Kitchen

- a hammock (or two) - an indoor/outdoor rug - twinkly lights -solar path lights - a cooler - camp chairs -portable projector and screen

Extras to make it fun!

- Create a hot dog buffet - Make grilled pizzas - Make foil-wrapped burritos

Glamping Food ideas

- Flashlight Tag - Ghost in the Graveyard - Kick the Can Wink Murder Two Truths and a Lie

Glamping Game ideas

- Jurassic Park - Back to the Future - National Treasure - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Guardians of the Galaxy

Family-friendly movie ideas

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