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snowshoeing with kids

Snowshoeing with kids is a great winter activity - you don’t need special skills, and there is very little risk.

Tips for encouraging your kids to love winter

Get to know and love your layers — Capilene, wool, fleece, silk. 

Make sure your kids are dressed properly

Nothing seems to cure grouchy kiddos like a snack break in the winter woods. It can be as simple as a granola bar or as elaborate as a snowy picnic.

Bring along snacks for energy

Outdoor excursions are so much more fun with friends — your kids will spend less time complaining and more time giggling.

Recruit a friend or two

Yukon Sno-Bash snowshoes MSR Tyker Snowshoes Tubbs Glacier Snowshoes

The Best Snowshoes for Kids

Photo: Yukon Charlie's

A basic first aid kitYour cell phoneParacordWaterproof matches or a lighter  – A compassExtra socks for each personFood and waterExtra mittens for the kids.  – Lip balmSunglasse

What to Pack

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