Making perfect

camping coffee

Are you a daily coffee drinker? Want to continue to drink your favorite cup of morning coffee when you go camping? Here's an easy way to make that perfect cup!

- A filter cone (silicone or metal) - Filter papers - Camping mugs - Carafe (optional) - freshly roasted coffee

What You need

Photo: GSI Outdoors

1. Roll out of bed, and boil water over a camp stove. 2. Add 2 tbs. of coffee per person to a filter set inside a cone, over a carafe or mug. 3. Pour boiling water over coffee. 


- Cinnamon - Sugar or maple syrup - Organic dried milk powder - A bit of cocoa powder Do you have a camping spice kit?

What to Put in Your Camping Coffee?

Instant coffee and espresso packets for camping have really improved. If you want something really fast, try Wildland Coffee tea bags for a rich, chocolatey flavor.

A note about instant...

Bring your favorite mug camping so that you enjoy every mouthful! This is mine!

What's your favorite coffee mug?

Photo: Hydro Flask


Here are are the details for making the absolute best cup of camping coffee!

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