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The Best Travel Mugs for All of Your Adventures

The humble camping mug may not be at the top of your gear list, but it does have the power to make or break your adventure. I will admit to having more than six but less than a dozen camping mugs that I use for various purposes. There’s the morning hike mug, the car camping mug, the cute camping mug that I use as a windowsill planter, and the ultralight backpacking mug. Oh, and the french press camping mug. Maybe I’m a little crazy!

Anyway, if having the perfect hot drink in hand is a priority when camping, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what outdoor adventures you’ve got lined up, we’ve got the perfect camping mug to go with it.

Choosing a Camping Mug

First things first, let’s talk a bit about choosing the perfect camping mug. The main things you want to consider are weight, material, portability, and ease of use/cleaning, followed by color and design. For your backpacking mug, you will want to choose a lightweight material like titanium or BPA-free plastic.

For car camping, weight won’t matter as much as using an insulated mug that will keep your drink hot. Finally, there are all kinds of cool novelty mugs that are suitable for car camping, picnics, and gifts. If you are a minimalist and only want a single camping mug that you can use for everything, go with lightweight and portable. Our top choice for the camping mug we’d bring to a deserted island? This 2.7-ounce titanium mug from TOAKS. Fortunately, we don’t have to pick just one! Here’s an overview of all of our favorite camping m

The Best Camping Mugs for All of Your Adventures

It's always camping season somewhere! Right now is the best time to stock up on camping mugs, which will make impromptu camping trips so much easier. We'll break it down by type.

Best Insulated Camping Mugs

Insulated mugs aren't just for camping. You can use them for your morning commute, for cycling, and for walking the dog. These are the workhorses of the travel mug world!

Best Metal Camping Mugs

Metal camping mugs can be really useful! They don't retain flavors, are relatively lightweight, and incredibly easy to clean. Most metal camping mugs do not insulate well, so they are great for adventures in warmer weather.

Best Enamelware Camping Mugs

You can get plain old enamelware camping mugs, but what would be the fun in that? There are so many novelty camping mugs, that it's hard to pick favorites.

These make great gifts and are good for car camping and family camping. We also use novelty camping mugs to plant succulents in on our windowsill. The downside to enamelware mugs is they are heavy and they will sometimes rust, depending on the quality. They're pretty sturdy, but sometimes the enamelware will chip off if you drop them. Again, it depends on the quality.

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