by Tara

Welcome fellow rambler! I’m so glad you’re here. Back Road Ramblers started a few years ago as a simple travel journal to update family and friends as we gallivanted around the country. Our family had big dreams , a tiny car, and not much of an itinerary. Really, I just didn’t want anyone to worry, and I’m not the best at keeping in touch with people I love, so I blogged about our adventures.

Since then, Back Road Ramblers has grown exponentially! 

What started out as a blog about hiking and campground destinations has turned into a destination for travelers who want to road trip across America. We’ve got some pretty diverse interests, but we tend to share most about:

  • Small town destinations
  • Places with a strong connection to the outdoors
  • Glamping retreats, cabins, and lodges across America
  • Road Trips itineraries across America
  • Traveling with dogs
  • Hiking, camping, and paddling (destinations and tips)
  • Traveling with Teens
  • Lots of stuff about Vermont – that’s where we hang our hat and plant our tomatoes!

The Team

Tara Schatz – Editor-in-chief, writer, and photographer – I’m the main vacation planner in the house, and the voice behind most of what you’ll find on the blog. I am an amateur photographer, freelance writer, and puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I work full-time from a little blue house in Vermont, and Back Road Ramblers is one of favorite projects. 

Eric Schatzwriter, photographer, teacher, Vermont Camping: farmstay editionand adventurer – Eric is my husband. He’s a full-time elementary school teacher, and he’s happy to tag along on many of my adventures. He’s written several posts for Back Road Ramblers, and has been delving into photography as well. He also plays guitar and sings in duo called Butchers and Thieves. He’s just playing locally for the time being, but maybe someday he’ll take his show on the road.

Gift guides for teens who love the outdoorsRowan Schatz – product tester and model for Back Road Ramblers – Rowan is 18 and off on his own adventure so he won’t be featured much on these pages. He is currently a student at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in Port Hadlock, Washington. He has already completed a solo cross-country road trip in a dubious vehicle, and he definitely inspires the rest of his family to follow our dreams.


Gabriel Schatz – videographer and product testerGabe is 16, so he has a few more years of adventuring with his parents left. He’s aspiring to make and star in films, and has already made a few short videos for Back Road Ramblers. Having spent most of his life homeschooling, he now attends public high school in between road trips.

The Pups

Our family has been raising puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind since 2007. We have a rotating cast of adventure-loving puppies that travel, hike, and camp with us.  In 2017, we adopted one of the dogs we raised after he retired from guide work.

Flynn is a 7-year-old black lab, and our forever dog. He loves food more than anything, but he also enjoys campfires, sunshine, and long walks.

Gatsby is our latest Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy. He’s the 9th puppy we’ve raised since 2007, and our 4th German Shepherd. His goals for this year are to overcome car sickness, walk without pulling, and refrain from torturing our cat.

Join us as we embark on new adventures, traverse incredible landscapes, meet amazing people, and discover the world — one back road at a time.