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Tara Schatz profileWelcome fellow rambler! I’m so glad you’re here. I started Back Road Ramblers back in 2013 as a way to update family and friends as we gallivanted around the country. Our family had big dreams , a tiny car, and not much of an itinerary. Really, I just didn’t want anyone to worry, and I’m not the best at keeping in touch with people I love, so I blogged about our adventures.

Something happened on that trip — I fell in love a million times over.

First with my family, because it turns out that they love my crazy ideas, my wacko navigational skills, and  my camp cooking. They’re the best traveling companions a gal could ever want!My awesome kids

Not far into our trip, I fell in love with my camera and became a photographer, just like that.

I’ve been playing with various artistic mediums all my life, but photography is what I’ve been waiting for. The beauty of the earth overwhelms me, sometimes bringing me to tears. I wanted to capture those feelings and share them with the world. My camera has become a faithful companion, and I’m learning how to make magic with it, little by little.

After writing blog posts night after night ‘round a glorious campfire, I also fell in love with the written word – not just any written word – but my own choppy, silly, grammatically incorrect writing. I developed a bit of a passion for crafting posts about places we’d been, people we’d met, and experiences we’d had, and I couldn’t stop.Canoeing in Woodford State Park

It’s been two years since our BIG TRIP, but the blog hasn’t slowed down a bit. It’s been toyed with and decorated, but at its core, it’s a place for me to share adventures with you.

What do I share?

Travel tips, adventure destinations, and family vacation ideas for the wanderer in everyone. My goal is to help families connect with the world and each other by stepping out their front door and embarking on journeys big and small.National Park Guide

Our travels tend to focus on outdoor activities — hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and of course, back road adventuring. We’re based in New England, but we adventure as far and wide as our wallets will let us. You probably won’t read much about Disney Cruises or luxury resorts, but I can definitely give you tips for living out of your car for the summer.

Join us as we embark on new adventures, traverse incredible landscapes, meet amazing people, and discover the world — one back road at a time.

Sunset over Lake Champlain

Sunset over Lake Champlain

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