Oatman Arizona

On Route 66

Meandering wild burros, a wild-west shootout, and a dusty village on a desolate stretch of America’s favorite highway.  Welcome to Oatman, a fun and quirky stop along Route 66 in northwestern Arizona.

The Oatman burros are direct descendants of the beasts of burden used by the gold miners in the late 1800s.

Visit the Oatman Burros

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned at the Durlin Hotel after their wedding in Kingman, Arizona in 1939.

Eat and Drink at the Oatman Hotel

Ice cream is the claim to fame at Olives, probably because every day in Oatman is a perfect day for ice cream to keep you cool in the desert heat.

Olive Oatman's Ice Cream Parlor

Every day at 1:30 and 3:30 pm, traffic stops in Oatman, Arizona for a wild-west shootout, just like in the movies.

Watch the Gunsllingers

Oatman is often described as a ghost town, but that isn’t quite accurate. The current human population of Oatman, Arizona is 128. The burro population is close to 2,000.

Step Back in Time

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