How to

Pack a small car

for a big trip

Are you one of the millions of Americans who drives a small car? Want to take it on a mega road trip? You need these packing tips!

Don't forget to pack the glove compartment, center console, spare tire compartment, and under the seats! 

Utilize Every Inch of Space

Hard shells are way more durable than soft ones, even though they are more expensive. This is perfect for storing lightweight, bulky camping gear.

Get a Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This is one of our favorite road trip packing hacks!  Bring an empty compression sack for communal dirty laundry. 

Use Compression Bags for Clothing

Fill a large plastic tub with non perishable food items. Perishables can fit in a small cooler. 

Create a Kitchen Box

Hang a few from the back of the driver and passenger seat to organize bags that you use frequently.

Use Carabiners to Organize

Ready to go?

Read our complete packing guide to help you fit all your gear into a small car, no matter how big your trip!