The Best winter Layers for

Babies and toddlers

Kids need warm clothes, but they also need to be able to move in them! Here are the best winter layers to keep your kiddos warm and comfy outdoors!

Soft, moisture-wicking material like Capilene will will keep your youngsters warm and dry. This set is made by Patagonia. 

Base Layer: Synthetic

Photo: Patagonia

You want an all-natural, extra soft option for your baby's cold weather base layer, you can't beat this organic, merino wool. This organic onesie is made by Hocosa.

Base Layer: Merino

Photo: Hocosa

Fleece is lightweight and provides good insulation for all but the coldest days. Add this over top of the base layer. 

Insulation Layer: Fleece

Photo: Patagonia

For colder weather, nothing beats the insulating power of down. You get supreme warmth without the massive bulk.  This layer is water-resistant, windproof, and ultralight.

Insulation Layer: Down

Photo Credit: Patagonia

For your last layer, you're looking for a snowsuit or a jacket and snow paints that are both waterproof and windproof. Little to no insulation is fine on top of the other layers. 

Waterproof Layer

Photo: REI

Stretchy wool is the way to go with socks for babies and toddlers. You want socks to stay put and keep your kiddos warm. Smart Wool and Darn Tough make durable merino socks for kids.

Socks: Merino

Photo: Smartwool

The longer the mittens, the better they'll stay on your baby. These have a zipper for easy on/off and are made by Patagonia.

Mittens: Waterproof

Photo credit: Patagonia

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