Joshua Tree's otherworldly landscape, easy hiking opportunities, and awesome campgrounds make it a perfect park to explore with kids. Here are the best things to do!

There are 8 campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park.  Our favorite for families: Jumbo Rocks Campground!

Pitch Your Tent!

So many easy hikes with serious kid appeal - huge boulders, rusty cars, crazy plants and animals.  Tap to see our favorite hikes for families in Joshua Tree.

Take a Hike!

Photo: Will Truettner

1.7-mile loop

Skull Rock Nature Trail 

This easy loop begins and ends in Jumbo Rocks Campground with great rock scrambles and plants!

1.5-mile loop This loop ravels through the southern edge of the Wonderland of Rocks, weaves through narrow rock corridors, past a seasonal lake, and into a beautiful valley surrounded by boulders.

Barker Dam Loop

1-mile loop Hidden Valley is ground zero for the hundreds of climbers that visit the park each day in the cooler months.

Hidden Valley Loop

Photo: Victor Yuyang Luo

3 miles total (out and back) Lots of Joshua trees and relics from the abandoned Wonderland Ranch.  Very easy hike can be explored at night.

Wall Street Mill Trail

Keys Ranch was a mine and homestead that began in 1910. The ranch was donated to the NPS in 1969. It's a cool piece of history in the park.

Keys Ranch Tour

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