The Best Stops along the 

Blue Ridge Parkway

According to the National Park Service, the Blue Ridge Parkway saw 14,099,485 visitors in 2020.

Why? Because the Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles of breathtaking gorgeousness!

The Blue Ridge Parkway was completed in its entirety in 1987. There are several historic sites where you can dig deeper into the history of the mountains and the people who lived here.

Delve into Appalachian History

Humpback Rocks Trail  (milepost 2) Black Ridge Trail  (milepost 169) Rough Ridge Trail  (milepost 302.8) Craggy Pinnacle Trail  (milepost 364.2)

Fallingwater Cascades  (milepost 83.1) Linville Falls (milepost 316.4) Crabtree Falls (milepost 339.5) Looking Glass Falls  (milepost 412.2)

There are nine public Blue Ridge Parkway Campgrounds with more than 1,000 campsites available for both tents and RVs. At $20 a night, it's an affordable way to see the Parkway.

Go Camping!

The land on either side of the Blue Ridge Parkway provides a  habitats for many plants and animals, including more than 50 species of mammals, 150 bird species, and 40 species of both amphibians and reptiles.

Watch the Wildlife

Virginia and North Carolina are both world-class wine producers, and there are many unique vineyards and wineries close to the Blue Ridge Parkway worth exploring.

Visit a Vineyard

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