Skiing and snowshoeing with dogs

Do you have a dog and live in a place with snowy winters? 

Snowshoeing with dogs is one of the best and easiest ways to get outside!

Snowshoeing with dogs is like the gateway drug to exploring the outdoors! It’s easy to get started as long as you have snow (and a dog).

Getting started snowshoeing with dogs

Running through snow can be physically demanding for your dog. Star slow, so you and your dog build strength and endurance.

Consider Your Dog's Stamina

If your dog is elderly or has short fur, consider an extra layer to keep them warm!

Protect your dog from the cold

Use booties or paw wax to protect your dog's feet from crusty ice. 

Protect your dog's feet

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If your dog has a lousy recall, use a running leash for hands-free snowshoeing.

Try a running leash

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Snowshoe with Your Dog!

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